Leo Pressure Cleaning Sydney

Leo Pressure Cleaning Sydney

Pressure Cleaning - Roof / Gutter / Driveway / Brick Cleaning and more...

leo Pressure Cleaning

Leo Pressure cleaning Company in Sydney Australia,

Leo Pressure Cleaning Sydney has always been to provide our customers with quality services as well as fair, competitive prices in a timely & courteous manner. This is the reason for our success today, after many years of serving all Sydney area, Leo Pressure Cleaning database contains over 10,000 satisfied customers.

We guarantee our work and we never leave our customer unsatisfied. We carry full liability insurance and our employees are bonded. All of LEO Pressure Cleaning employees are well-trained, experienced professionals.

Our Services

Roof Cleaning
Leo Roof Cleaining Sydney
Maintain the Life Span of your Roof cleaning in Sydney with leo Pressure Cleaning. Roofs cause damages and gets its durability reduced due to moss, fungus and algae which grow into the surface of your roof. Proper Roof moss removal will help you increase the life of the roof and maintain its beauty.
Gutter Cleaning
Leo Roof gutter Cleaining Sydney

Blocked gutters and down spouts cleaning in Sydney that are clogged can cause serious problems that can turn into extremely costly expenses for your home…

Brick Cleaning

When your building needs Brick cleaning in Sydney, there are proven processes that we would recommend to achieve the best results. Our professional brick and stone cleaning services are designed to get to the heart of the problem. Chemical cleaning goes well below the surface to protect the integrity of your building.

Concrete Driveway Cleaning Seal
leo Pressure Cleaning offers affordable pavement and parking lot maintenance services, including seal coating, striping, patching, and crack filling. We work on all types of residential and commercial paved surfaces, ensuring your pavement meets top standards. Whether you need help with line painting, pavement or sealcoating in Sydney  contact us today.
Patio & Deck Cleaning​

Dirt and debris build up on your patio over the years, and it can be difficult to keep it clean. Here are a few of the things our crew can easily remove from your deck or patio

We’ll use professional-grade equipment to pressure wash any surface, including decks and patios. After we’re done, your deck or patio will look like it was just installed. 

Graffiti Removal​
leo Pressure Cleaning has the tools to remove the graffiti completely, and our soak-and-wash methods ensure that your building’s façade won’t get damaged in the process. In addition, we guarantee a 24-hour turnaround time so that you don’t have to deal with a graffitied façade for longer than necessary. Whether you own an apartment complex, a high-rise building, or a townhouse, our graffiti removal services will restore the curb appeal of your SYDNEY, building and leave it looking the way you want.

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